Who is Kids Calendar?

Kids Calendar: the first calendar for children between 5 and 12 years! Kids can fill in the calendar in a playful and educational way - either by themselves or together with their parents. They will get a good overview of how every week looks like! By keeping up the calendar themselves the children get aware of time and the days of the week.

Why is Kids Calendar so much fun?:

  • kids can keep up their own calendar
  • quick overview by clear icons
  • add your own icons
  • personalize the calendar by creating own background and stickers
  • the friends book for infos and photos of your best friends

As a working mum of 2 children I get a lot of questions every day like: mum is it school today? Do you pick me up from school or grandma or do I have to go to after school care? Do I have swimming or football lessons after school? When is the birthday party of Bart? Every time a weekly overview for the kids seemed to be very handy. That is why I came up with Kids Calendar.

Kids Calendar can be filled with beautiful icons to plan the day. You can add extra information to an activity. And if an activity is not in the list you can easily create an own one by adding a photo, picture or drawing. You can also add extra info. By creating your own calendar the kids can choose their own background theme and colour. They can change it at any time. This calendar will never get boring!

Have fun with the Kids Calendar!